DIP (Diesel INJECTION PARTS) PLANTS,a manufacture of diesel fuel injection parts & components,specializing in this area for over 26 years, has professional producing lines for manufacturing and assembling Injection Nozzles, Pump-elements (Plunger Barrel), Delivery Valve, Head Rotor,VE Pump Parts etc. with superior quality and performance.We can provide professional assistance in fuel injection pumps or any injector parts for your diesel engine.

During the past decades,DIP PLANTS has earned a good reputation for high quality,good price,fast shipping and outstanding after sales service,and will cling to be dedicated to bring out trusted&excellent service to customers all around the world.

With professional technical support, proper suggestions and product selection, your inquiries would be dealt timely&accurately. You can have trust on us. DIP DIESEL team is always here to serve you!

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Longqiao Street, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, China