Morales Guesthouse

Morales Guesthouse, a small private family bed and breakfast hotel in Huaraz, the heart of trekking & climbing in the Cordillera Blanca of the Peruvian Andes. The guesthouse is owned and operated by the Morales Family who delights in providing friendly, personal service to their guests and to making you feel “at home” during your stay with them. The family and staff take great pleasure in sharing with you their knowledge of Huaraz and the surrounding areas, and in helping you with your plans for day tours, trekking, hiking or climbing activities, or just chatting and spending time with you over a relaxing cup of coffee.

Departamento, Provincia, Distrito: 
Pasaje Ucanan 232 – Barrio de José Olaya – Espalda de la oficina ex PRONNA
(0051) - 43 – 425105
Huaraz Bus Tour Package
Huaraz bus tour package are many more interesting day bus tour and day hike options available around the Huaraz area. Places such as Llanganuco Lakes, Ruins of Chavin the Huantar, Pastoruri Glacier, Lake 69 walk, Llaca Valley and Glacier hike and Lake Churup walk are all easily accessible from Morales Hotel.