Swing Barrier Gate Turnstile JDBZ-28

2022 latest swing barrier gate turnstile, swing barrier optical turnstile is designed with upscale look suitable for any premium lobby

Swing barrier gate turnstile JDBZ-28 adopts reliable advanced brushless DC motor ensuring stable operation with low noise, and DC dynamic coding control technology for guranting silent control and turnstile stability in variable speed movement. Swing barrier gate turnstile JDBZ-28 offers multiple operational modes including controlled passage, free passage and visitor, by which pedestrian traffic will be efficiently managed in different situations. The conbination of a fast throughput, superior barrier deterrence and optical tailgate detection enables swing barrier turnstile JDBZ-28 compatible with any upscale business or institutional environment.

Swing barrier gate turnstile JDBZ-28 offeres bi-directional entry control in conjunction with access control device with dry contact output, and automatically open to release the passage for free access in case of power failure or in an emergency. Becausee of its elegent and stylish design as well as fast throughput, automaticl swing turnstile JDBZ-28 is used widely to various applications such as company foyers, data centers, government buildings and fitness centers.

Swing Barrier Gate Turnstile Features
1. Smooth and fast opening of barriers
2. Solution for disabled and trolley access
3. Free egress in emergencies or loss of power
4. Quick and precise panel movement and alignment
5. Motorized panels open quickly and smoothly away from the user
6. Slim cabinet allows optical turnstile use in compact spaces
7. Upscale look suitable for any premium lobby
8. Run more smoothly and stop quickly after being blocked
9. Streamlined design with a more modern aesthetic
10. Adopt more reasonable electric control and layout to improve the protection level

Swing Barrier Gate Turnstile Applications
Large venues
Commercial buildings
Fitness center

Swing Barrier Gate Turnstile Parameters

 Housing Material 1.5mm~2.0mm #304 stainless sheet Dimension 1400 x 200 x 980mm Power Supply AC220V / AC110V, 50/ 60 Hz Channel Width 600~900mm Drive Motor DC 24V brushless motor Pass Speed 30 ~35 persons per minute Input Interface Dry contact signal or +12V level signal or DC12V pulse signal Rotating Direction Bi-directional Communication interface RS485 Gate open when power failure Yes Open Time 0.2 second Life Cycle 3 million times Working Temperature -30°C~+70°C Working Environments Indoor, outdoor  (with shelter)


Swing Barrier Gate Turnstile Design

Swing Barrier Gate Turnstile System Diagram

Project Cases for Reference

What is swing barrier gate turnstile ?
Swing barrier gate turnstile is a classic type of waist optical touchless turnstile combining the security of a physical barrier turnstile with the sophistication of optical beam detection to prevent tailgating and unauthorized entry with ease. Swing turnstile barrier gate is designed with sleek styling and modern appearance, and such modern optical turnstile blends right in and complements its surroundings seamlessly with its included illumination packages and sleek, modern styling. Swing barrier gate turnstile usually comes with slim size and very compact footprint by which solves the issue of introducing security and safety into small and valuable areas of real estate spaces. On the other hand, swing barrier turnstiles are equipped with standard interfaces to be integrated various access control systems to achieve multipl recognition ways.

How does a swing barrier gate turnstile works?
Swing barrier gate turnstile is an efficient and effective crowd management designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance, in low security situations. Swing arm optical turnstile provides bi-directional access in conjunction with a facility access control system. When enter, pedestrians need to present a valid credential which opens the turnstile’s motorized barriers in the requested directions, allowing a single passage at one time. If an unauthorized pedestrian attempts to tailgate on a valid entry, or attempts to enter without authorization, the integrated sensors recognize the illegal passage attempt and sound an alarm, and deny the access. In case of power failure or an emergency, the swing barrier gate turnstile will relase their swings for free access.

Swing barrier gate turnstile types
According to the difference of drive motor, swing barrier gate turnstiles are divided into
Brush motor swing barrier gate turnstile: uses DC24V brush motor, featuring cost saving, simple structure. relatively simple in speed control.
Brushless motor swing barrier gate turnstile: uses DC24V brushless motor, featuring no mechanical friction, low running noise, long life span, higher rotation speed, higher power conversion efficiency, and more energy saving than brush motor swing barrier gate
The cost & price of brushless motor swing barrier gate turnstile is higher than brush motor type ones

What are the advantages of swing barrier gate turnstile?
1. Swing barrier gate turnstiles are supplied with multiple physical barrier height and lane widths providing easy access to the disabled, wheelchairs, and people with large objects or deliveries, meeting both accessibility and security requirements.
2. Swing turnstile barrier gate provides fast throughput to achieve fast, effective and covinient crowd control management
3. Swing barrier turnstile comes with small footprint, well suit with compact areas
4. Swing barrier gate turnstile is supplied with sleek and modern designs blending into surrounding aesthetics
5. Swing gate turnstile guides the pedestrians by switches, light information, and combined obstacles to ensure only one passenger can pass at a time.

Swing barrier gate turnstile applications
Swing barrier gate turnstile provides fast throught and comes with sleek design, which enable them to be used for upscale corporate lobbies, high rise building entrances, luxury apartment complexes, universities, and anywhere else where autonomous entry and aesthetics are important